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A Gesture of Hope For Lebanon

As you probably know by now, Lebanon is currently affected by one of the worst crises in its long history. With the ongoing economic downfall, Beirut witnessed an explosion that was unprecedented in magnitude. Our community lost loved ones, homes, and businesses, and our spirit also took a devastating hit. At From the Villages, solidarity has been the foundational principle of our activities, which is why we’ve decided to organize a fundraiser to supply food to the families who need it most.

By contributing to our Gesture of Hope, you will be helping us to:

 - Reverse Lebanon’s systemic reliance on importation by encouraging local production.

 - Sustain the livelihoods of rural farmers and producers, in a fair and equitable manner.

 - Offer 100% local food baskets to families in need across Lebanon.

Every 20 USD (15GBP) raised means food on the table for one family of 4, for a duration of 2 weeks. We are collaborating with trusted local Organizations and NGOs, who'll take care of putting the baskets in the right hands! 

Every Gesture of Hope, however small, adds up to something bigger!

We thank you regardless!


 For any additional details, please contact us on the below:

- Email: donate@fromthevillages.com

- Mobile: +961 70 549 245