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About Us

Access the treasures of our villages today and help a lot of people on the way!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the globe had the chance to step back and realize that life is actually much simpler than the one we are all living. While confined in our village Deir Mimas during the Covid-19 lock-down, we also realized something that we always knew: our Lebanese villages are full of treasures yet to be re-discovered.

This is where the idea of FromTheVillages came from, one that is grounded in the issues at hand, and with solidarity among Lebanese at its heart. We are making the treasures of our villages available and accessible to consumers in Beirut, and why not in other cities as well?

By doing so, we achieve two high-impact and vital objectives:

(i) we support sustainable household income in rural areas.

(ii) we make available good quality products at affordable prices to consumers in Beirut, something that abruptly became difficult to find.

We started with 6 villages in south of Lebanon, and with 24 artisans and farmers (Amal, Asma, Dana, Esper, Fadia, Fahime, Fidaa, Ghattas, Halloun, Jean, Tania H, Helwe, Jouhaina, Leila, Mansour, Mona, Nassima, Nohad, Rima, Safaa, Therese, Tania, Wafaa, Walid). We are planning to expand to other villages despite the limited but talented and passionate resources we have. The challenge is big but the humanitarian reward is even bigger.

To support the villagers and discover their crafts, please check out the products section and access the Lebanese villages' treasures. 

Minimum Packaging - Maximum Authenticity

We are passionate about the environment and about our collective well-being. And we are acting on this passion by promoting environmental sustainability while improving household income levels of the farmers and artisans, as follows:

-  You will receive the products minimally packaged by artisans and farmers as packaging is becoming more and more expensive and does not impact the quality of the product itself at the end of the day. 

-  We are promoting the RE-USE concept and encouraging our loyal customers to keep and hand back to us glass bottles, jars, and any other re-usable containers. We are giving them back to the farmers and artisans who clean and re-use them; it is a direct impact on their income.

-  The environmental benefits of RE-USE are many, most importantly eliminating the carbon footprint costs of smelting and recycling glass and other materials.

Solidarity is the only way forward.