From The Villages. By: Jessica Rahhal

The Covid-19 pandemic, the Lebanese economic crisis, the devastating crime against the Beiruti on Aug. 4, 2020, the horrible political situation… All these factors affected the local businesses. Several initiatives had been launched, especially those related to the food industry. Food being the basic human need and access to it is a basic human right. Among these initiatives: From the Villages, which value is based on the undiscovered treasures of our villages.

It is an e-commerce platform that connects local food producers and artisans from the villages to consumers in Beirut. Solidarity among Lebanese is at the heart of this platform.

Their main objectives are to support sustainable household income in rural areas and make available good quality products at affordable prices to consumers in Beirut, something that abruptly became difficult to find.

They started with 6 villages from the South of Lebanon, 24 artisans and farmers – with your support, they can grow their list bigger!

Since solidarity is the only way forward, we invite you to check their website and place your order today!


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